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What happens when kids living with ADHD become adults?

Most grownups living with ADHD from childhood are usually impulsive and get frustrated easily.

ADHD, also known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has raised the most controversy among all other mental health issues. As a result of the absence of solid scientific proof, some individuals consider it a creation developed using commercial interests. There are individuals who also consider it as disruptive antics, poor performance in school, and misbehavior. If those experiencing ADHD and their loved ones are assisted, enough time should be put into identifying the close resemblance into scientific proof while staying away from an ideologized discourse from individuals claiming to know the truth.

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We are aware that some kids are always moving, mostly prompted by a generator internally that causes them to jump, run, and vibrate in their chairs as well as make inappropriate or endless comments. Also, they might be impulsive, become easily bored with their given tasks, and interrupt conversations from time to time. They may be easily distracted, forgetful, inattentive, and absent-minded, forgetting to perform tasks and not being attentive when spoken to, with their minds elsewhere.

These traits are displayed by most of these children, and ADHD diagnosis should not be carried out before 6 or 7 years. However, as the child begins to grow older and these traits remain such that it is affecting their performance and general health, it is important to examine the underlying cause. These examinations are not developed to tag the particular child during the diagnosis or impede the child from specific demands. This diagnosis will create an opportunity for them to cope.  This procedure should be multidisciplinary and integral, involving teachers, the psychologist, the psychiatrist, the pediatrician, the school counselor, and the families.

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that about 5% of kids are experiencing ADHD, the culprit being genetic factors. The chances of experiencing ADHD before 8 years are increased when a parent also has it. this seems to be the outcome of the complicated nature-nurture interaction, tobacco intake during childbirth, maternal alcohol, low birth weight, and social adversity by the age of four.  Describing the underlying complicated brain dysfunction is not enough. This situation should trigger the desire for qualitative biopsychosocial study, instead of ignoring the chances that there is no cerebral connection.

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However, the most urgent area of ADHD is the adverse effect on the daily lives who experiences it. If it is not treated properly, it can cause failure in academics (up to 40% of them become drop out before age 16), tense relationships with other kids, which comes in with bullying and quarrels, and an increased frequency of accidents and self-worth issues. Apart from being a disorder, ADHD can become a growth risk factor for other mental health issues and cause anxiety, depression, substance addiction, and behavioral disorder.

Luckily, longitudinal research has regularly revealed that the symptoms of ADHD might reduce with time, even though they remain in about 40 or 50% of grownups. There is usually an improvement in hyperactivity, which could sometime turn into restlessness. The predominant trait is sometimes finding it hard to focus, manage time and organize. These grownups usually become frustrated, and impulsive, and mostly become addicted to substances. ADHD diagnosis in grownups is hard, as it can be easily mistaken for addiction and personality disorder. ADHD left unaddressed is linked with an increased rate of traffic penalties, accidents, unemployment, and family conflict. Grownups experiencing ADHD have the propensity to be charged to court and according to studies, the number of inmates in prison living with ADHD is up to 30%.

There is a higher chance that the signs of ADHD in kids remain in most number of adults, but the symptoms can be quite different in grownups, mirroring borderline or antisocial personality disorder, coupled with consistent substance abuse, together with legal, social and personal issues. Maybe it could be beneficial when socializing with adults having the aforementioned problems, to inquire about their experience as kids, the challenges they faced every day, if they had issues with being attentive or remaining stable or if the ADHD was disputed concerning their attitude. This scarcely happens. Rather the behavior will be considered a mental disorder by society. In an interview with Luis Rojas Marcos, who had a similar occurrence, he indicated that he felt like a bad child.

Being aware of mental health issues will help us recognize unusual behaviors. Ultimately, this implies that proper assistance can be sought and required help provided, visualizing the positive impact of the individuals experiencing ADHD. As a matter of fact, ADHD isn’t the culprit to many unusual behaviors exhibited by several individuals, but it can provide the needed insights.

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