Jul 30

İbrahim Murat Gündüz is in Bodrum Yalikavak during the day

Famous businessman Ibrahim Murat Gündüz, vice-president of Muay Thai federation of Turkey, took a vacation at the 5-star m gallery hotel in Yalikavak, Bodrum town of Turkey.

He has been spotted enjoying the heat as he relaxes alone at the swimming pool near the beach of m gallery hotel in Yalikavak. He seemed like enjoying his holiday at this wonderful hotel alone and was pictured taking a walk along the pool. Continue reading

Nov 25

JetSet (Josh King Madrid) – A successful Millennial Influencer and founder of NFT Magazine

Josh King Madrid, known as JetSet, is an internet celebrity, entrepreneur, author, recording artist, podcast host, filmmaker, public speaker, NLP coach and also founder of NFT Magazine.

On his Podcast, Jetset shared his experience as a young entrepreneur, shared motivating stories from his relentless business and as an influence, and educate everyone on anything and also everything that they would never be able to learn in any academic classroom; Continue reading

Nov 16

Vacation Villas in St Thomas Virgin Islands

If you want to have a holiday in St.Thomas Virgin Islands, then you will enjoying a real treat. Showcasing a green tropical paradise, the island can be perfectly viewed through the winding hills, breathtaking shorelines, and mountainous roadways. No matter if you consider a guided tour or even stay in Villa Rental St Thomas Virgin Islands, each panoramic view will be even more sensational than the one before it.

Probably the most vital aspects of having a vacation in St. Thomas Virgin Islands is choosing the best places to stay. On St. Thomas, you will find Private Executive Rental House St Thomas Virgin Islands. For people who like dining out, there are various excellent dining choices which provides international menu. In terms of leisure, St. Thomas Virgin Islands will never let you down. Everything from golf courses to a marine park, a bowling center, charter boats and multiple tennis facilities, there are so many things to see and do. Continue reading

Nov 13

Exploring the culture of Chiapas

Food: In addition to the traditional Mexican fare of tacos, beans and tortillas, Chiapas offers several wonderful specialties including stewed lamb or baked chicken with “mole,” a spicy sauce made with chilies and usually chocolate. Street vendors sell delicious food, especially hot buttered corn. There are vegetarian restaurants and menus in the cities. You can take it easy on your North American stomach by avoiding or cutting down on very spicy condiments and salsa (“sin picante, por favor”). For breakfast, some restaurants offer “Americano”style scrambled eggs with ham or bacon, toast and delicious local coffee. Continue reading

Oct 28

important points of protection in a building

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Oct 28

Ethical Considerations with expert witnesses

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