Sep 27

Dubai’s Diwali Extravaganza: Top Sites to Visit

When it comes to grandly celebrating your vacation, Diwali has always been a perfect getaway for every Indian family with a short trip to almost any destination abroad. Dubai has been a top choice for the last two years with thrilling and satisfying attractions to visit, but apart from satisfying your wanderlust what makes Dubai even more special is its wide array of sites for every type of individual. Listed down are some common attractions to visit that almost everyone loves.

1. Burj Khalifa – The Burj Khalifa Dubai has become a symbol of Dubai’s modernity and ambition, attracting millions of tourists from around the world who come to admire its architecture and take in the panoramic views of the city from its observation decks. It remains one of the most recognizable landmarks.

2. Jumeirah beach – Yet another part of the palm that most of the tourists visit for its adventurous and thrilling side. This attraction can be a paradise for beach lovers with its pleasant and adorable scenic views along with getting tanned while exploring rides such as jet skiing, flyboarding donut ride, and kayaking. Moreover, a perfect family entertainer offers one or another thing to each individual.

3 Dubai Festival City – Visiting Dubai in the festival is always cheerful but what works just like adding the cherry on the cake is visiting its festival city. Located in a stunning location with a backdrop of Dubai skyline this attraction delivers as a perfect family spot for spending an entire day without getting bored. This attraction has almost every kind of shop for every individual right from stationery and books to apparel and jewelry which eventually helps to keep each individual engaged according to their taste along with shops. This destination also has several attractions that families can enjoy together such as the Dubai festival wheel offering a perfect view of Dubai. This attraction also has perfect facilities to keep kids busy such as Bounce X and a flight simulator so that their parents can explore whatever they want with comfort. Moreover, a perfect place to explore the festive vibes of the city.

4 Global village – Do you know you can explore almost 90 cultures while you are in Dubai? yes, a global village that millions of tourists visit while in Dubai between April to November shares a perfect blend of cultures showcasing its products in lavish pavilions along with rides, games, and attractions inspired by their local cultures. It has something to share with each individual and also concerts with several artists from other nations which one can vibe on together, cuisine over this place makes the time you spend over there more cherishable with different tastes from all around the globe, moreover, a perfect destination to making your vacation memorable with lane full of memories.

5 Dubai Creek – Creek has been the heart of Dubai for more than five decades now, with activities to keep people entertained and also to fulfill its trading needs. While visiting the creek one should keep in mind that visiting this attraction requires an entire day to enjoy it at its best. Creek shares a perfect place with a blend of history, trading, and local cuisine. Moreover, visiting Creek is more like old Dubai and its evolution.

6 Bollywood parks – If you are in Dubai and missing out on having a traditional festive vibe then Bollywood park can be a perfect paradise for you with its attractions completely dedicated to India and Bollywood. But when visiting this place you should plan properly because this destination can consume all your day with its series of rides from roller coasters to carousels and shows that include dance, comedy, and music. Moreover, a perfect place for any Bollywood fan to visit with themed restaurants, film studios, and shopping centers which can make any Bollywood fan happy.

7. Bur Dubai souk – If you are a textile enthusiast then Bur Dubai souk is a must-visit place for a vibrant atmosphere formed by a burst of colors. This place has every kind of garment to offer for its visitors from perfectly tailored to made when ordered with high-quality materials imported from all over the globe. Moreover a perfect place that can entertain anyone with its great insights

8. Waterfront Promenade at the Dubai Mall – Located at Downtown of Dubai this place is a perfect place to explore the urban side of Dubai with a scenic backdrop of Burj khalifa. This place can usually be explored while visiting Dubai Mall or Burj khalifa as this place has one of the best cuisines to serve their visitors with a wide array of restaurants. Moreover, an appropriate place to visit for informal meetings and vibe with the grandeur of Dubai.

9. Dhow Dubai Cruise – This ride can be explored whenever one wants to find peace in between the urban life of Dubai with a scenic view of the creek. Mostly this place is preferred to visit during sunset as it shares a perfect spot to see the transition of urban centers from day hustles to enjoying their nights with cuisines and party places.

10. Palm Jumeirah – The engineering marvel of the world has gained recognition with its unique design and lavish resorts namely Atlantis, The Palm Hotel, and Zabeel Saray. One can get over there by different modes of transportation such as bus and metro, but it is preferred to visit it at least once when you are in Dubai with its fine dining options, Moreover a perfect option for anyone willing to visit any attraction in Dubai away from the urban atmosphere in peace.

Visiting Dubai during the Diwali season is stunning with a vibrant blend of cultures wherever you visit. Moreover if you book Dubai Tour packages it can be a refreshing vacation for anyone looking for a trip to urban space to enjoy with their family and friends.


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