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Nov 25

JetSet (Josh King Madrid) – A successful Millennial Influencer and founder of NFT Magazine

Josh King Madrid, known as JetSet, is an internet celebrity, entrepreneur, author, recording artist, podcast host, filmmaker, public speaker, NLP coach and also founder of NFT Magazine. On his Podcast, Jetset shared his experience as a young entrepreneur, shared motivating stories from his relentless business and as an influence, and educate everyone on anything and …

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Nov 13

Exploring the culture of Chiapas

Food: In addition to the traditional Mexican fare of tacos, beans and tortillas, Chiapas offers several wonderful specialties including stewed lamb or baked chicken with “mole,” a spicy sauce made with chilies and usually chocolate. Street vendors sell delicious food, especially hot buttered corn. There are vegetarian restaurants and menus in the cities. You can …

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Aug 04

Buying the Right Camping Mattress For Your Camping Trip

Almost all people like to camp outdoors simply because they want to escape from the stress that their overly busy life brings. Many people must feel the pleasure of being in the wild and stay refreshed and also inspired after their outdoor trip. Every single camping trip might be a more enjoyable experience when spiced …

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Mar 31

10 Techniques to Help Produce Optimal Wine

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Feb 24

Essential Information for Turks and Caicos Travel

Warm, bright beaches, crystal clear waters in several shades of turquoise; along with a warm breeze all define the paradise offered by Turks and Caicos Islands. By taking direct flights from several U.S. cities, this Caribbean treasure offers the holiday of a lifetime.

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