Mar 13

The Efforts by Governor Hochul and Attorney General James Continue for the Defense of SALT Deduction

A petition has been filed to the U.S. Supreme Court for a hearing by Multistate Coalition

Today, the Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, and the Attorney General of New York General Letitia James declared that a petition has been filed in Maryland, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut to the U.S. Supreme court against the federal government as a result of its illegal limit on the removal of state and local taxes, popularly called SALT. The petition filed today informed the Supreme court to look into the decision given by the U.S. Court of Appeals on October 2021 in respect of the Second Circuit which went against the lawsuit filed by the state, citing politics as the driving force behind the SALT limitation incurred by the previous federal government to impact the policy decision of major Democratic states.

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According to Attorney General James, the illegal limit has resulted in a significant financial challenge on several taxpayers and hardworking middle-class homes in New York, and the lawsuit was filed in order to safeguard a lot of families in New York against the hurtful and misguided political dilemma as New York will refuse to pay any illegal amount by all means necessary.

Governor Hochul indicated that the SALT reduction limit can be compared to taxing the people of New York twice and removing this SALT limit will make sure New Yorkers have more money and help improve the economy of New York. He continued that he is glad the issue is being brought before the Supreme Court for resolution.

The petition that was primarily filed for the Southern District of New York in the U.S. District Court in July 2018 disputed that this SALT deduction limit was initiated against New Yorkers, similar to other states and it is obstructing their ability to make policy decisions that would eventually have a negative impact on every taxpayer in the said states. Major states experiencing the highest volume of deduction are majorly Democratic, such as New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Maryland.

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The Tax Act of 2017 overturned more than a century of case law in the federal law regulation which majorly impedes the local and state tax deduction by limiting it to $10,000. The New York Department of Finance and Taxation carried out an evaluation and predicted that this limitation would boost the federal taxes of New Yorkers to about $15 billion every year. New York is among the major contributors and this attack would have a significant and adverse impact on New Yorkers than other states. Before the execution of the regulation in 2017, New York is usually different from other states with respect to the amount of revenue and funding generated and allocated to Washington D.C.

According to the ruling of September 2019, even though the ruling was against New York and its neighbors. The District Court for New York’s Southern District discovered that the state has come under harm as a result of the dispute on the limit on local and state tax reduction which has repressed home prices. The increase in state property taxes will cause the SALT limit to reduce the value of a property which will discourage home investors and lower revenue generation as a result of a decrease in sales.

Press reports have also provided proof that high earners in New York have begun to migrate to Florida as a result of the SALT limit. 46% of the income tax generated by the state is collected from the top earners of New York which amounts to 1% of the entire population and losing them can negatively affect the capacity of the state in providing New Yorkers with possibilities in the state.

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