Mar 24

Travel tips – Best transportation from Sacramento to Napa Valley

Here I will discuss some applicable travel tips to consider when you prepare your trip from Napa Valley .

The Napa Valley is Northeast of is located on Northeast of San Francisco and have the similar distance from Oakland airport, Sacramento airport and SFO airport.

Talking about distances, the following are some travel durations to other Northern California areas :

Napa to San Francisco will take an hour and a half to 2 hours . Napa to Los Angeles will take around six and a half hours.

When you are visiting Napa Valley for pleasure or business certainly the right airport you can choose SMF airport. When you are travelling by air and your local airport offers flights that can take you there as well. It will be much easier to exit the terminal, grab a rental car, continue your trip and either drives from Sacramento airport transportation to Napa (about one hour) and avoid bay area traffic.

Say you decided to arrive on weekday, there are some traffic when you go to Napa when you choose SFO or even Oakland airports- , it will take more than 2 hour with car.

If you are departing from Napa mid-afternoon on weekday, Put additional time to your travel plans to ensure you can reach the airport on time.

Can’t avoid Oakland airports or San Francisco?

Allow me to share some travel guides. This airport has become major travel corridors.

SFO – If you are unable to arrive around noon or even leave about 3:00 PM or take a trip after 6:00 PM you might be trapped in the middle of severe traffic. On your lucky day the trip will only take an hour and 15 minutes. On your unlucky day it might take over 3 hours. That’s why you need to plan based on your arrival time.

Oakland Airport – I you can’t arrive around noon or leave about 3:00 PM or take the trip after around 6:00 PM you might also be trapped in the middle of the traffic. On your lucky day the trip will take around an hour and 15 minutes. On your unlucky day it might be over 3 hours of your travel time.

No, that is not a typo; both airports have similar distance from the Napa Valley and travel there with the same freeways. That’s why you will need to plan your trip there based on your arrival time. Or, even better, use the Sacramento Airport.

Other things to consider are whether a big sports game is being played on the day while you are arriving or leaving or even whether there could be earthquake retrofit work on one of the bridges you will be crossing.

Talking about the bridge, tolls will charge you $12 on the Golden Gate, $6 on the Bay Bridge as well as the Carquinez Bridge. The Bay and also Carquinez toll fares are still under review and will possibly get higher.

Some freeways enable you to use a commute lane for two or more people in the vehicle. Keep your eyes open for the sign to inform you if you need to have two or three passengers in the car. The ticket rates at least $427 when you are stopped by the Highway Patrol.

If you have time or have already been in San Francisco or nearby towns, another wonderful drive is to cross the Golden Gate Bridge.

It is normal traffic in town , might be overcrowded during weekday , but is a beautiful scenic drive when you travel to East on Hwy 37 and turn North on to Hwy 121 . This route will take ten miles longer but could be about the same period or even lower than the other routes due to less overcrowded traffic .

The Napa Valley is a stunning destination to travel to .With a little preparation, you can have a stunning trip. And when you return back to your town from Napa to Sacramento Airport transportation is the right solution. Sacramento is usually the best route and you will also find best car rental with the with less traffic . You would take I-5 for five miles , then take I-80 to the Napa cutoff , not having any bridges ; certainly no traffic . But SFO or Oakland might have much better airfares. San Jose is furthest away, but for the airfare is incredible

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