Mar 09

This is How I find an ideal partner on my trip to Auckland

Single holiday is a unique way to travel around the world. Travelling solo helps me grow as a real person. I must have a strong mind as I won’t have family or friends to help me during my solo trip. I must learn to greatly depend on myself and enjoy my own trip. I must make my own fast decisions to avoid getting myself in unwanted situations. So far from my own experience of travelling solo I’ve finally realized that I have hardly travelled solo. That’s why I must have friends for my next trip.

When considering getting my friends to travel and come out with me for a bit I am not really sure, so far I have managed to get six of my friends and visit them home to home to have trips with me but my friends are often quite busy

It’s hard to find time to enjoy some coffee together, let alone have a trip with them. However this is no reason to quit on my travel dreams! I must try to connect with other reliable travelers who are trying to explore the same enjoyable travel destinations as me.

With a travel partners I don’t need to concern myself with all the “don’ts” of being a solo traveler. I don’t really need to worry about visiting any museum, historical sites, art gallery, and restaurant all alone. So I have a travel partner without eliminating the entire purpose of my solo trip.

I will be with someone with whom I can share your travel experiences and ideas helping to make my solo holiday all the more wonderful and exciting. I would certainly take with myself some unforgettable memories and wonderful stories from my destination when with my travel partner.

Again the question comes up how can I find a travel partner and even if I find a partner would she or he be the ideal partner to holiday with?

I browsed online and I accidentally scrolled across and I’m so happy I did. I met Jennifer and quickly decided to have trip together. We spent 8 days together and it was really wonderful as we have so much in common. I couldn’t have done it without Elastictrip helping us find one another! I could save $300. Honestly, it has made my trip to New Zealand cheaper as I could split the accommodation costs with Jennifer.

Jennifer and I were traveling solo before we met each other, I shared my traveling stories on Elastictrip and not only ended up that we were considering the same trip in the same days, but also we were on the same flight! What a tiny world. We met in Auckland and know each other in the airport. Three days after we rented a car, and we have travelled south since that time! We have even met three more friends who joined us! Jennifer is a really nice and well experienced person in traveling that I would never had known and met each other if it wasn’t because of Elastictrip.

We can share our travel experiences and preferences with ElasticTrip and we will find and meet a travel partner that matches you flawlessly. You also can realize your travel dreams with the help of find a perfect travel companion and make a friend in the process!

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