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Six Interesting Facts About Visiting Iran

A trip to Iran; although this fabulous trip may seem difficult at first, but the noteworthy point is that you live once, and exploring the beauty, getting involved with the life-giving nature, meeting new people with new thoughts, and new zest for life is one of your basic rights. So, embrace this unknown land of wonder and attractiveness, and do not miss the chance of facing these darling people, who may turn into one of your lasting friends. Your first problem to start this wonderful trip is to get a visa, but once you apply for Iran visa and get it, the rest would be very easy. In this article you’ll learn six interesting facts about Iran.

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#1 Iranians are Friendly

One of the most noted characteristic of people who live in Iran is their friendly manners. No matter if you are a rich American tourist or a European bag packer, the fact that you are new to the atmosphere is convincing enough to make a big deal out of it, treating you in the best way possible. Their hospitality, generous, and genuine natures will make them greet you warmly, and there always be someone to help you out. They introduce you to their friends, taking selfies with you, set some arrangements to guide you visiting proper places. They may ask you many questions but it is just about the curiosity, for it is a great opportunity for them to meet a real tourist interested to their country. Iranian people may make some jokes to ease the situation and get to know you better, nod along and laugh. Above all, you just need to be honest and enthusiastic to know and learn about Iranian different cultures and customs.

#2 Persian Costume and Important Dress Codes

Respecting the dress code of the country you are planning to travel is one of the main issues to be aware of. Iran as an Islamic republic state has the specific rules for hijab, for men and women both. As a woman, you have to wear headscarf, loose middle length dresses called mantua, covering arms and ankles, and you’re done! As a man, you are not allowed to wear shorts and tank top in public places and that is all! Based on a similar expression, “when in Iran do as the Iranian do”. Search the images of how people get dressed in Iran, and soon you will find that the reality is far from the western stereotypes. You can choose colorful, light, and soft fabrics, mainly, as a foreign visitor there is less scrutiny for you than other local women, but it is still best to dress modestly and respectfully and always be sure no one will punish you for doing it wrong.

#3 Taking Pictures and Filming in Iran

One of the interesting things to do on your travel to Iran is to record the picturesque beauties, unique wildlife, spectacular environments, adorable citizens, historical places and everything that is worthy of being memorized. To explain more, you should know that taking pictures are only forbidden in police stations, government’s buildings, public transportation, and nuclear facilities. Beside them, you are allowed to have your own camera and pose in any figure you want to. Remember that asking people for their permission of taking picture is a style of courtesy and should be respected everywhere around the globe.

#4 Food and Eating Options in Iran

If you are open to taste new flavors and new foods, Iran and Iranian are way too good in cooking and food related areas. There are always so many great and delicious Persian local meals to try on your travel to Iran, and if not, you can always order Fast food online, or visiting the accessible restaurant with numerous options on their tempting Menus. Iranian are meat-lovers and it is the main ingredient of the Iranian cuisines, but there are many vegans using vegetarian meals served in restaurants. By emphasizing on “no meat” phrase, you will avoid any misunderstanding about your order. Then you need to know that alcohol-based liquors are illegal in Iran, and there are no bars, or nightclubs, which is good, because you get the chance to drink local and traditional fruit and herbs based drinks, ice creams, and juices, and it makes you spend much time in friendly cafes, and culturally decorated restaurant.

#5 Internet Access in Iran

Internet connection is limited in Iran based on materials that go against the Islamic instructions and cultures. The inaccessible items in Iran would be most news websites, blogging platforms, communication tools, social networks, and media sharing platforms. In addition, the connection problems and slow speed may occurs, too. Does it mean that there is no Internet access in Iran? Of course not! Simply, to stay connected you definitely need a VPN (a virtual private network), giving you a foreign IP, bringing you an easy access to banned websites and blocked options. To be saved from bunch of troubles and to feel crystal clear about everything related to this issue contact us here.

#6 Top Souvenir to buy from Your Trip to Iran

Once you are in Iran your feelings are hyper-bold to take something with you as a memorable signs of an unforgettable travel to Iran, reminding you all the good and great days you have spent. You can visit Iran’s traditional grand bazaars, filled with nostalgic smells, colorful materials, mesmerizing handicrafts that are pure mixture of creativity and art. Iran in souvenir area is internationally known for its artistic handcrafts, including handmade carpets, Kilims, Termeh, hand-woven cloth, fine fabricated textiles, sculptures, wooden goods, local silver engravings, antiques, and tasty sweets such as Gazz, Bagh-Lava, Sohan, or local breads. The interesting and intellectual thing to buy may be books, for they are cheap and a sophisticated option.

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