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A guide to booking cheap hotels in Iran

Iran is becoming a very popular destination for western tourists, especially young backpackers and adventure tourists. Besides its many historical and natural attractions, it is introduced as a budget-friendly destination. Accommodation sucks up a substantial amount of a traveler’s budget. Focusing on price, comfort, and cleanliness, this articles gives you a good start for choosing the right hotel. We’ll introduce a revolutionary website which lets you book Iran hotels instantly.

In Iran, you’ll easily find many cheap hotels, called Mosaferkhane in Persian, that offer dorms for a few dollars per night (10-20$). If these places are suitable for backpackers, they would definitely repel the tourists. I considered a hotel as budget if it offers double rooms for less than 50$ a night. It was once very difficult or impossible to book Iran hotels online for tourists. Now, there’s this great website,, which lets you order your visa and insurance, book hotel, Iran domestic bus and flights; all online! So, take your time reading this article to find a good hotel and then you can book it online.


We start Iran budget hotels with a list of cheap hotels in Tehran.

Iran Markazi Hotel (Iran Central Hotel)

A 2-stars popular hotel, located in LaleZar street, older regions of Tehran, where you have access to numerous historical sites such as Golestan Palace, National Museum, National garden gate, etc. With friendly and helpful staff, Iran Markazi hotel (also called Iran central hotel) is a heaven for budget travelers.

Single room: ~24€/night

Double-bed room: ~35€/night

Shahr Hotel

The hotel Shahr is a good value. Clean and with a friendly staff, it is located in the far east part of the city. That said, as it is very close to the metro (5 minutes walk), you should be able to reach the center within 20 minutes.

Single room: ~28€/night

Double-bed room: ~40€/night

Khayyam Hotel

Located in a small alley in a very busy and noisy neighborhood (very calm at night), the Khayyam hotel is a good option in Tehran. Cheap and relatively clean, this hotel is located at a walking distance from famous tourist attractions like the Golestan Palace and the Bazaar. Definitely a good place to experience the bustle of the capital.

Single room: ~20€/night

Price double-bed room: ~28€/night

Please note that you’ll find plenty of hotels close to Amir Kabir street such as the hotel Firouzeh, famous for the kindness and the unique personality of the receptionist Mr. Mousavi.

Hafez Hotel

Hafez hotel is located next to the most important tourist attractions and is certainly one of the best values of the city. Don’t expect anything special but a friendly English-speaking staff and clean rooms.

Price double-bed room: ~35€/night

Saina Hotel

Saina hotel is more expensive but is a very good alternative if you are looking for an affordable hotel with excellent services and close to all tourist attractions.

Price double-bed room: ~55€/night

The entrance of the Saina hotel in Tehran


If you search on the internet for a cheap hotel in Isfahan, you’ll probably be redirected to the Amir Kabir hostel. It used to be the traditional place for backpackers but that’s definitely not the best place to stay in the city.

Totia Hotel

Totia hotel has a traditional style and is Located in the center of Isfahan, this hotel is the best value of the city. Good service, very clean and with a very helpful and friendly staff, I definitely recommend you this hotel.

Double-bed room: ~26€/night

Tourist Hotel Isfahan

Well-located, this hotel is close to the bridges and the marvelous Naqsh-e Jahan square, the most famous tourist attraction of Isfahan.

Double-bed room: ~45€

Iran Hotel

Iran hotel is a clean hotel located at the heart of the downtown Isfahan; very close to most touristic attractions. Comfortable beds and a very friendly and helpful staff. Breakfast included in the price. I recommend!

Double-bed room: ~24€/night


The city you should never miss when visiting Iran.

Karim Khan Hotel

Karim Khan Hotel Named after the leader of the famous Zand Dynasty, this charming hotel offers clean double rooms for the very decent price of 59$ a night. After a long day of sightseeing under the blazing sun of Shiraz, enjoy listening traditional music in the teahouse of the hotel.

Double room: ~40€/night

Niayesh Boutique hotel

This traditional budget hotel is just located in downtown Shiraz in a historic area, where you have access to most historical and cultural attractions such as Arg-e Karimkhani, Vakil mosque, and Vakil bazaar. It’s a great choice for travelers who want to experience a traditional accommodation with reasonable prices.

Single room: ~15€/night

Price double-bed room: ~22€/night


Rose House

Out of the city (thus not far), Rose House is a clean and modest hotel to stay in Kashan if you are on a budget.

Double-bed room: ~28€/night

Amir Kabir Hotel

Named after the famous Prime Minister of Persia who was killed in Kashan, this old-fashioned hotel does the job. With a staff speaking basic English, Amir Kabir hotel is a good option for budget travelers in Kashan.

Double-bed room: ~32€/night


Morvarid Hotel

Morvarid hotel is a simple hotel with simple rooms and simple facilities and a “normal” breakfast. That’s one can read usually on the internet. The staff speaks English and is very helpful. Good value.

Single room: ~20€/night

Double-bed room: ~28€/night

Behbood Hotel

Behbood hotel is an affordable four-stars that I would recommend if you can add some extra euros to your budget.

Single room: ~24€/night

Double-bed room: ~34€/night


Mashhad also has some cheap hotels. also, there are some hostels in Mashhad are called Zaer-Sara.

Razi Hotel

Razi hotel is located at a walking distance of the mosque of Imam Reza and is certainly your best budget option in the city. Contrary to what can be read in the LonelyPlanet, it has a very friendly staff and is clean.

Double-bed room: ~18€/night


Traditional Hotel Kourosh

This traditional hotel is one of the best values of the city. With a very friendly staff, this clean hotel seems to be a very good experience for tourists who stay there a few days. Peaceful and will comfortable beds, this will be your best option to discover Yazd on budget and relax.

Double-bed room: ~24€/night

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