Sep 21


DAY 1: We will leave San Diego in the morning and drive to Guerrero Negro, Mexico. Here we will spend the night in a nice hotel in this lively and friendly town on the Baja peninsula.

DAY 2: Today we will mountain bike on salt-hardened dirt tracks out to Scammons Lagoon in the Parque Natural de la Ballena Gris. This very secluded area is one of the major breeding grounds for the California Grey Whale.

DAY 3: Today our mountain bike tour will take us from the remote town of El Arco and head east over the mountains. The desert scenery is spectacular and in sharp contrast with the ocean areas we just came from. Tonight we’ll spend our first night camping in the desert.

DAY 4: Today we begin another day in the desert (one of the most beautiful and surreal places you’ll ever see)! During this ride we will visit ancient Indian cave paintings and end the day in a fishing village on the Sea of Cortez where we will stay in Palapas on the white sandy beach.

DAY 5: Today we will bike along the “road” that heads north up the Sea of Cortez. We’ll spend the night in Playa San Rafael camping on a deserted beach.

DAY 6: After a long journey we will arrive in the thriving metropolis (about 600 people) of Bahia de Los Angeles where we’ll spend the next couple of days on the beach at the wonderful Camp Gecko. When we first mapped out this tour it took a month to drag ourselves away from this place…If there is any time left in the day we can take an evening Sea Kayak ride out into the calm waters. Here we will spend the night in Palapas on the beach.

DAY 7: Today is the reward for many hard days of mountain biking. We’ll spend much of the day on Abraham’s boat exploring the surrounding islands and bays, fishing and crabbing as we go. Bahia de Los Angeles has one of the richest marine faunas in the world! Sea creatures include dolphins, whales, whale sharks, manta rays, sea lions, turtles, and much more! We’ll also have time to take the kayaks out into the bay and see the sea life close-up. At night we’ll have a clambake on the beach with clams and crabs that we catch ourselves!

DAY 8: Exhausted and happy we’ll return to San Diego by early evening!

Remote and rugged Baja California is located in Mexico South of San Diego, CA. With remote beaches, dramatic mountains, crystalline waters, surreal deserts, and one of the richest marine faunas on the planet. From mountain biking, sea kayaking and whale watching along the long, unspoiled coastline, this 700 mile long peninsula of Baja Mexico is a mountain bike and adventure travel paradise!

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