Oct 10


DAY 1: We will leave El Paso, Texas at 8:00 a.m. and drive deep into the Sierra de Tarahumara. We will arrive in Creel, “The Gateway to Copper Canyon”, in the early evening, relax over a nice dinner and take in the atmosphere in this “Wild West” town.

DAY 2: We get on our mountain bikes and explore the breath-taking countryside on the rim of Copper Canyon. Highlights include beautiful waterfalls, Tarahumara Indians, Tarahumara cave homes, Spanish missions, and hot springs.

DAY 3: Today we begin the 7000 ft. descent down into Copper Canyon (bigger and deeper than the Grand Canyon in Arizona). Words cannot begin to describe the awesome mountain biking down to the small village of La Bufa where we will spend the night perched on the side of the canyon walls at a beautiful hacienda Casa La Cancha.

DAY 4: After exploring some of the hiking trails around La Bufa, we will continue mountain biking deeper into the canyon and reach our destination in historic and tranquil Batopilas. This beautiful town of about 800 people at the very bottom of the canyon brings new meaning to the term remote. The “road” to Batopilas has been described as the most beautiful in North America.

DAY 5: Today we have a short, spectacular ride to the “Lost Mission of Satevo.” It was built at the bottom of the canyon approximately 400 years ago by the Jesuits, but no one knows for sure the exact date or why it was built. From here you can either explore more of the trails on the canyon floor or just spend the afternoon relaxing in one of the many clear pools in the Rio Batopilas.

DAY 6: Today we mountain bike to the very remote village of Cerro Colorado. This ride is usually everyone’s favorite of the mountain bike tour. Highlights include incredible single track, multiple river crossings, breathtaking canyon scenery and cold gatorade.

DAY 7: Today we return to Creel. The people who want the hardest ride of the trip can attempt to mountain bike out of the canyon (or at least part of the way). Very few people make it all the way out…Tonight we’ll spend the night at a beautiful hotel in Cuatemoc.

DAY 8: Invigorated & content, we return to El Paso by early afternoon.

A mountain bike tour through this majestic region of Copper Canyon is an adventure back in time (not to mention some of the best mountain biking on the planet).


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