Jul 23

Mountain bike ride at Brown County State Park

We’ve raved about the trails at Brown County before, about how well they’re designed, about their rhythm and flow, about the way they’re nearly impervious to rain, even heavy rain. In keeping with that theme, we’ll rave again. These trails look like they’ve been part of the landscape forever. The beginner trail has been open only about six months, and the intermediate loop for just a couple of months. But they’re packed down, bedded in, and look like they’ve been in place for years, not months.
That’s due in part to the traffic volume. These trails get gobs of use. Lots of use equals lots of packing. It’s also due to intelligent design. When trails are designed properly, they fit their surroundings and become one with those surroundings. It’s the Zen of trails.

Bud and David and I had a good time riding these new/old trails. It would have been nice to have more BRATs, but lots of our people are trying to cram in vacations before school starts back up. And the three of us had the chance to meet and chat with quite a few other riders, including one who had the greatest story about how he proposed to his wife. Ask one of us to tell you about it.
David and I did both loops twice. Budney did both loops once, and then the beginner’s loop a second time. For a guy who will qualify for Medicare as of the day after this ride, that’s an impressive performance. But then, Bud’s an impressive guy.
Of course David’s no slouch on a trail. After we’d been riding for a half hour or so, I asked for his initial impressions. Was the difficulty level about right for a beginner’s trail? “I’ve been mountain biking three or four times in my life,” he said. “Everything’s hors categorie to me.” He didn’t ride like it. Whenever I turned around to check on his progress, he was no more than ten yards or so behind me.
We had lunch at Muldonado’s, our favorite Mexican eatery in Brown County. Good food, as always. Reasonable prices, as always. Good service, as always. Cute waitress, as always. Constancy is the theme in Brown County, and the trails at BCSP are a constant joy.

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