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Metro Map Delhi Shows Colourful Route Lines – Everything You Should Know

When you see the metro map of Delhi for the first time, it will be confusing. You will see that many colourful lines go here and there. But, it will not be an overstatement to say that it is an innovative travel system that reduces road traffic in the city to a great extent. Let us gather some details about the colours connecting different destinations in Delhi. However, before that let us gather some basic details about this project:

What Is Delhi Metro?

You are right that the Delhi Metro Map shows colourful lines. In fact, the network encompasses 10 colour-coded lines. It is a mass rapid transit or MRT system that serves not just Delhi, but even its satellite cities. The city that benefit from this transport system is, of course, the National Capital Region of Delhi. The other cities are Ballabhgarh, Bahadurgarh, Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad and Ghaziabad. This line holds the pride of being the largest and also the busiest metro in the country. Also, following the metro in Kolkata, this is the second oldest in India. Encompassing the Noida and Gurugram Metro that are part of the NCR of Delhi, the network serves nearly 285 stations and extends to 389 km.

The network has railroads that have elevated, grade-level and underground stations. The network has both standard and broad-gauge trains operational. Starting from 5 am daily, the network runs nearly 2700 trips daily until 23.30 pm. Of course, at the time of the pandemic, the service of this network came to a complete halt. But, now, it has started resuming.

What Are The 10-Colour Coded Lines?

When you see the map of Delhi Metro, you will find 10 different coloured lines. They are as follows:

  • Grey Line

  • Magenta Line

  • Pink Line

  • Orange Line (Airport)

  • Violet Line

  • Green Line

  • Blue Line (Branch Line)

  • Blue Line (Main Line)

  • Yellow Line

  • Red Line

Among these, the Airport Line is widely used by the locals. Even, foreign travellers use this line as it connects the Delhi Airport with other major cities in and around Delhi. The terminals in this line are at New Delhi and Dwarka Sector 21.  Among these lines, the pink line is the longest. It broke the record of the Metro Blue Line map. The pink line has 38 metro stations extending 58.9 km long. It covers Delhi in U Shape.

Is Delhi Metro Services Operation Post COVID-19?

When seeing the DMRC Map, it is common for most people to think about whether the Delhi Metro service is operational post-COVID-19. Of course, it closed in March 2020. But, after the pandemic, the services were resumed in September 2020. Even now, passengers follow strict social distancing formalities when using this service.

What Is Visible From The Latest Delhi Metro Map?

From the official website of Delhi Metro, the latest Delhi Metro Map shows that the pink and grey line routes are presently under construction. The other lines are operational and are serving the public with their daily transportation needs. Most importantly, the authorities ensure that the passengers follow social distancing rules strictly.

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