Jul 05

Fun With Online Bubble Shooter Game

When visiting my parents house on Halloween, I saw some of family members were sitting on the chairs, except my mother wasn’t there, I asked my father where is she and he gave me a strange look, I went to her bedroom and there she was, staring at her laptop, a 55 year old woman focused to the screen. She didn’t say hello and she even didn’t respond to my presence, I tried to get closer to the laptop and then I was shocked that I saw Bubbles on the screen, lots of colored bubbles, my mother became Bubble games fanatic now.

The game objective is to take away all sticky bubbles by shooting them with a similar bubble color.
If you form a group of three bubbles or more from the same color, they disappear, as you finish the level you will see the bubble fireworks effect.

As time passed, many people joined and played the bubble shooter, playing and getting fun. It is simple, yet addicting game. Some enjoy playing this game only to remove the bubbles fast and some try to achieving highest scores.

I am always amazed to uncover so many methods are made to play this enjoyable game, but like the old saying goes, you cannot argue with success.

The success of bubble shooter game has attracted many game developers to clone and recreate the success of the game and these games are widely available on many sites today, you can find rainbow bubble games, themed bubbles games and many others that offers cool graphics and special effects.
Now you need to ask yourself where you can play game like this.

Well, it is extremely easy, just use Google search engine and type the keywords bubble shooter or bubbles games. You will find many sites that provide the exciting and addicting game loaded with many bubbles, now it is time for you to be a Bubble games fanatic. Have a great time with it!

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