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Consequences of working under the table

Over the last few years, working under the table has had several tags and titles. Some have referred to it as unreported income, while others have called it off the bookwork. People often classify it as illegal work usually done in the underground economy.

Under the table, work has grown for what it’s worth in the last 5 years. These jobs are often freelance in nature, and they are common in food services, construction, and domestic work. These types of jobs usually require payment strictly in cash. There are numerous reasons why people take under the table job. The common reason is that people cant get on the record jobs with paychecks and taxes. The recent pandemic means people have had to make do with finding other sources of income.

Workers are usually exposed to exploitation when working under the table, as employers can take advantage of the working environment and conditions put in place.

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Meaning of Working Under The Table?

Under the table, work usually involves payments are made in cash upon the completion of work. With this, it isn’t easy to trace the payment to either the business or the worker.

Under the table, work eliminates trails. The worker receives a cash payment rather than getting a paycheck or payslip. The business does not retain any record of the transaction or anything that would otherwise lead to a paper trail. The employee and employer relationship is strictly on a cash basis. Working under the table comes with its share of complications

Under the table, work creates complications for businesses. Currently, it is estimated that the under-the-table sector is worth $2 trillion. Furthermore, the IRS maintains that the government loses more than $500 billion in tax every year for unpaid taxes from under the table employers and employees.

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Is working under the table illegal?

As earlier mentioned under the table, work creates uncertainty and complications for employees, employers, and the government as these cash transactions cannot be quantified or traced.

While making payments in cash isn’t illegal, working using an under-the-table agreement is unlawful.

Are Cash Jobs Against The Law?

Cash is a medium for payment and can be used by an employer to pay an employee. This means cash can take the place of paycheck or payslip; however, the employer must follow all tax and labor laws relating to payments.

Any illegal act should be avoided at all costs. Businesses should ensure they adhere to all federal and state tax laws when making payments in cash.

Companies like Junk Removal ECS are trying to provide legitimate jobs on the books for many people that are normally living within the cracks of society.  It is very difficult because many of them are receiving some type of government assistance which is how they survive or they are running away from having to pay child support.   It is a very challenging subculture of the American society and the government needs to look at new ways that are not punishment based to bring these millions of Americans back into the tax rolls.

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