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Mountain Adventure holidays in Pakistan

Pakistan offers outstanding nature, stunning landscapes and rich flora and fauna which can attract anyone to visit. Visiting Pakistan help us to respect and understand people that lived in the past in the form of archaeological heritage and monuments. Several other factors that make tourists love visiting Pakistan are mountaineering, trekking, trout fishing, bird watching, white water rafting and several types of safaris.

Trekking has become one of the most favorite adventures for those who love visiting Pakistan. The country offer exciting mountain ranges and amazing mountain trekking journeys. The natural beauty of these high mountains is appealing to tourists and visitors from many places of the world.

Travel to the Northern Parts of Pakistan will make you enjoy with numerous mountaineering, climbing and trekking options. This place is where 3 mountain ranges – the Himalayas, Hindukush and Karakoram meet, and that means you can enjoy the beauty of these 3 mountains at once.

K2 Base Camp Trek

If you are trying to find a long trekking journey which is fully different from other mountain treks in the world, then K2 Base Camp Trek can be the right option. On this Trek, you will certainly get acquainted with yourself. This is a trek which is rougher than several other treks in many other mountains of the world. As you will never find any permanent townships along the trail, you will feel just like you are the only person who ever hike here.

Taking a trip to K2 Base Camp Trek must bring some logistics. All the food, outdoor gears and everything we need along the trip must be carried out. Therefore we need some local guys to carry our stuff.

If you are looking for the best time to visit K2 Base Camp Trek, then July, August and September can be the best time to enjoy the trek. Nevertheless, it is also possible to enjoy the trek in May, June and October.

Gondogoro La Trek

If you are trying to find the best views to stare mighty mountains by walking heights then Gondogoro La Trek is the perfect holiday for you, on condition that you currently have experience of hiking during winters and basic climbing skills. Gondogoro La Trek provides everything (glaciers, mountains, rivers, wildlife etc).

For exploring Gondogoro, we need hiking gear including ice axe, crampons, helmet and harness at different levels. We also need fixed ropes at steep slopes on the pass for our safety. The local guide will train you several basic techniques before taking the excursion on the mountain pass. Practical experience of walking throughout high altitude is a must for exploring the Gondogoro La Trek and a little knowledge of using crampons on snow slopes is very helpful. The local guides are also well trained and very professional in personal protection gear and first aid kits which are available on all treks.

K2 Base Camp and Gondogoro La Trek are full of surprises because the weather in these Mountains is unstable. The guides consistently perform risk assessments before the expedition. That is why you need to plan several extra days when visiting these treks for possible unpredictable circumstances.”

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