May 23

Milan Tourist Attractions

Milan is considered one of the popular cities in the world. The city offer many attractions with the best things to do for the historical sites, shopping. Football, opera and packed with very enjoyable nightlife. Milan is also regarded as the marketplace for the worldwide fashion where you can find numerous wonderful lifestyle products. The best attractions to do in Milan include the following:

The Duomo

This is located at the center of the city. You can find many amazing and wonderful statues on it that are making it very appealing. The numbers of statues belong to this building are more than almost every building all over the world. You will be amazed by the attractions from the interior and exterior of the Duomo as its architect is really famous.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

It is a great five-story arcade. The primary attraction is located on the roof of this building which has the iron and glass on it. The best of statues and mosaics have been put in place to accentuate it better. For the period of the turbulent age of the Italian unification, it got into existence and therefore it evolved into the symbol for the self confidence and unity of the Italy.

Castello Sforzesco

This is a very important monument of Italy. It has been used as a symbol of power for rulers for decades. At the beginning of 20th century, the building was demolished and now it has become the house of many national museums.

Santa Maria delle Grazie

This is one of the most renowned churches in Milan. The best part of the church is its medieval architect which is a combination of Renaissance and Gothic designs. The most significant attraction of this church is Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper”.

Quadrilaterodella Moda

This place offers one of the best shopping experiences to the people. It is not just the attraction for holidaymakers but also you will find many local people are also enjoying this place. There are several streets in the district that also have its own importance for the fashion.

You still can find many other traveling options in this city. Many tour operators offer a package to explore Milan in one day . So ensure that you include Milan in Top of your list of cities to visit when you are planning to have a vacation to Europe.

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