Feb 06

Mexican Folk Art – Huichol Bead crafts

For hundreds of years, the Huichol Indians have existed in isolation, avoiding the influences of the modern life. As a haven for many popular Huichol artists, Mexico City has always been the ideal travel destination to explore Huichol culture.

Many decades ago, Huichol artisans residing Mexico have included a modern style on the traditional nieli’ka. After a few of these native tribes came to occupy Mexico City as well as other highly populated locations , Huichol bead artworks shortly gained attention and acceptance among art collectors and enthusiasts .

If you are curious about how you can do Huichol beadwork, you will find many craftsman ship exhibited by the Mexican Indian tribe. They become involved making beaded artworks before the missionaries unveiled glass beads to Mexico. The Huichol are a truly spiritual folks and many beaded items they make represent their spiritual beliefs. They will put beads into beeswax to wrap items to be given as gifts to the spirits and Gods. The Jesuits influences as well as other missionaries who attempted to convert them have become evident in most of their bead artworks.

So how to learn Huichol beadwork? Well it might be possible to visit https://abnb.me/HjiKmVBsWT and the local artisans will teach you various Huichol beadworks and you need master almost all of the ancient techniques in one session. The hosts of the workshop will pass on their knowledge to their visitors. You may also these beaded artworks made by the experienced beaders and they are mostly cheap.

The workshop will be started with a small video that contain the history of the Huicholes , their legend , along with the meaning and origin of the crafts they create . In addition you may get an in depth look to sacred plant “Hikurí” (Peyotito) that inspires most of the Huichol drawings.

In the workshop, you will be guided by Pablo and Alejandra and both are Mexicans. They had been working in the workshops with various types of groups and also with those with special needs. They love México, its food, handcrafts and culture and they think that the most effective way to share their talents and support the native people by doing a unique Mexican handcraft with others.

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