Nov 25

JetSet (Josh King Madrid) – A successful Millennial Influencer and founder of NFT Magazine

Josh King Madrid, known as JetSet, is an internet celebrity, entrepreneur, author, recording artist, podcast host, filmmaker, public speaker, NLP coach and also founder of NFT Magazine.

On his Podcast, Jetset shared his experience as a young entrepreneur, shared motivating stories from his relentless business and as an influence, and educate everyone on anything and also everything that they would never be able to learn in any academic classroom; to assist you in finding out what it really to win as an Entrepreneur and surpass the standard expectations set by society no matter what your education, age or even financial background.

JetSet has dedicated the last 5 years of his life to practicing, learning, and also educating others regarding the success patterns that most professional athletes, millionaires, geniuses and celebrities have.

Before achieving his success, he helped his parents to create an e-commerce business by fulfilling orders and also packaging products. he began his first business when he was 7 years old – purchasing beanies from Alibaba and after that selling them to his classmates.

He is a successful social media influencer that has developed outstanding ways of promoting businesses by using digital channels. He always emphasizes the need for using the proper tools to build online brands with social media presence easily. You can learn more through his portfolio and get more information about him.

JetSet has invented the world’s first Automated-Interactive chatbot marketing for Instagram by using Instagram DM automation. Through his chatbots on his Instagram, he has generated over $20 million worth of leads and also thousands of leads.

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