Nov 27

Jerusalem – A desired destination for Christians

To the majority of Christians, traveling to the Holy Land is a heavenly gift. In fact, it is the birthplace of their religious beliefs, a holy place, and hub of their religious pilgrimage. The history, culture, and wonder of such a land make it a desired destination where Christians can restore their faith, know more about biblical history, and take a journey into the land of honey and milk.

Jerusalem has special value for Christians that are coming from around the world. Travelers of every faith come to Jerusalem every year. But, the majority of them are Christians who are excited to find out the place in which most of the Bible was played out. As a result, many of the souvenirs, attractions, and tour operator in Israel are exclusively designed for those who are Christian.

One of the popular places that Christians benefit from visiting is the Old City of Jerusalem and also its 4 quarters that are surrounded by 8 gates. The 4 quarters consist of the Arab Quarter, Christian Quarter, the Armenian Quarter, and the Jewish Quarter. Each quarter offers various sites and attractions to enjoy that will prove interesting. Remember that the environment of each quarter is really different and it is recommended to get professional guidance from Israel tour operator about each quarter before traveling to this place so you will be aware of what to prepare for and where to go.

The Temple Institute is also stunning place to visit in which many of the ritual tools utilized in the holy temple have been reconstructed. You will find a museum, book store, and a movie picturing the temple appliances.

There are many places to stay and eat within the Old and Modern Jerusalem. There are some hotels in Israel that vary in sizes and cost to fit your needs. No matter where you make a choice to stay, you won’t be disappointed in your spiritual excursion in the city of Jerusalem.

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