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Stretching from the Arctic waters in the North, to sandy deserts in the south, lies a testing ground of courage and a world of romance. Siberia, evokes very specific images in the minds of westerners. We picture snow covered waste lands, inhabited by residents of Gulags, the infamous Soviet interment camps.

Nothing could be further from the truth! A vast land beyond the Ural Mountains, Siberia is home to myriad natural treasures, beautiful countryside, and the Lena River, along whose banks lie small
villages rarely visited by westerners.

This does not mean that out trip is only for the rugged and adventurous traveler. Our floating hotel – the m/s Demjan Bedny, assures that passengers will cruise in comfort as they sail the 2600 mile Lena River. This truly modern vessel, which was built in Austria, is equipped with all of the latest navigational aids. It is air-conditioned, with comfortable staterooms all with private facilities.

The program includes a nine-day cruise from Yakutsk to Tiksi or visa versa as well as two days in Moscow and St. Petersburg prior to and after the cruise. Round-trip transportation from New York to Russia as well  as local flights between Moscow and Yakutsk, St. Petersburg and Tiksi are part of the package.

The areas you will visit are inhabited by fascinating ethnic groups like the Yakouti and Evenki, who are related to Eskimos and Laplanders. Their lifestyle has not changed much over the centuries. Engaged
in hunting and trapping, as well as reindeer husbandry, they move with their herds and live in “chums”. You will have the opportunity to visit with the inhabitants of the small villages and towns along the river and be entertained by local folklore groups, while taking part in lectures by ship board educators.

A highlight of the trip will be a visit to Dering Yuriakh, one of the world’s oldest prehistoric settlements, only recently rediscovered. Speak with archaeologists who are still on site, unearthing finds. For those of you looking for opportunities to explore nature, Siberia is the breeding ground of innumerable bird species not seen in North America. We can promise you some extraordinary bird watching.

This cruise is the fulfillment of a dream, that of the president of your cruise line, who has always wanted to introduce a trip along the Lena River, bringing the people and natural beauties of Yakutia closer to the western traveler.

We hope that you will be able to take part in this wonderful trip. We consider this to be one of the last great opportunities to take part in “adventure” travel, while maintaining the comfort level you have come to expect.

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