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Exploring Alanya’s Historical Wealth and Natural Beauty

A city loaded with ancient churches, Roman structures and appealing sea caves, there is no beautiful place like Alanya. So check out this wonderful location and spend your holiday with Alanya excursions that can bring you back in its history.

A great variety of historical attractions

One of the sightseeing attractions in the city is an exceptional 13th century castle and a three-mile stretch of walls. It is an amazing architecture and these structures are still standing tall after all hundred years. Another historical attraction that you should not miss is the Red Tower, situated near the harbor; it looks so splendid.

A very interesting place to have a look is the Damlatas Cave, in which you can easily explore the unusual composition of rocks. Another unique cave is the Korsanlar Cave. This is a sea cave that can be found below the castle. Although you are not able to talk a walk to it, you may swim to this cave or take a look using a boat.

Chill out and enjoy the delights

The top tourist natural attractions here are the beaches. You can transfer from the nearby airport to your hotel and you can get relaxed on the beach within hours of leaving your hotel. Nothing quite peaceful than relaxing by the beach, drinking a fresh cocktail, reading a book and enjoying the nature of Alanya.

The city’s main beaches are Porakal Beach and Kleopatra Beach. If are feeling energetic you may enjoy riding a banana boat or a jet ski. You can easily have interaction with the numerous types of fish in the crystal-clear waters, with some time spent scuba diving or snorkeling.


Alanya excursions are not complete without making the most of the nightlife and dining. The Alanya harbour is filled with shops, bars, and restaurants. You can decide to dine in authentic local cuisine at the eateries, try a casual café or treat enjoy some first-class dining in the top restaurants. Alanya also offers a wide selection of discos and clubs, most of them are open till the early hours of the morning.

Getting there

Many Wonderful hotels are available in Alanya. Transfers from the nearest airport are easy as well. a shuttle service will take you to your hotel for you to start your holiday. Many tours might include transfers, and when you are travelling alone, shuttles can easily be found at the airport. Enjoy your holiday in this beautiful part of the Turkish Mediterranean coast.

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