Aug 24

Day Sailing in Virgin Islands

There is no perfect way to enjoy the coastline adventure, aquatic fun vacation and exciting experiences, than taking a day sail on a yacht. You absolutely have the perfect of both sides – a mobile home, which you are allowed to adventurously travel around the coastline, stopping at mainland areas and also peaceful Virgin islands at your wish, along with the excitement of boating itself, if you are planning to have Sailing Vacations Virgin Islands don’t forget to contact Zunzun Sailing Yacht charter.

This yacht charter go flawlessly together – comfort on a wonderful yacht along with a massage and spa regime.  You can enjoy the spa under the sunshine through the day sail on a yacht! So, choosing a yacht charter with floating massage spa will ensure you will be having the best treatment to relax your mind and body so you can get home and feel as if you have had the occasional break you are after!

This yachts charter are starting to include specialized wellness charters in which they put together a yacht charter in a stunning and comfortable setting with a set of spa including yoga, massage, healthy food and meditation and these facilities are available on board.

All Inclusive Vacations Virgin Islands offered by Zunzun yacht charter that includes Full Private Daysail, 1/2 day Sail, Sunset Sail, & Specialty trips in St. Thomas and St. John. All trips can be adjusted to your schedule and desires.

You will enjoy the Legendary Jester Sailboat that has been sailing over 20 years in Virgin Islands featuring Day Sailing w BBQ Lunch & Open Bar, Sunset Dinner Cruises, and Very Best Snorkeling Spots.

So when you are planning to take day sailing St. Thomas and St. John by sailing, you can contact Zunzun Sailing Yacht charter, they will give you the perfect deal for the yacht charter that will suit your budget.

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