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Colombo Food Tour – Discover The Sri Lankan Food, Cuisine and Meals

The famous Colombo cuisine goes back with the foreign traders and the colonists that arrived in the city hundreds of years ago. Their food mostly includes rice which can be their meals and staple food which are full of spices along with other ingredients. Curry and rice are among the most popular dish for daily meal.

Their popular cuisines include rice which is either boiled or steamed accompanied with curry powder . An alternative way they prepare their rice is with fish-based food and other types of meat combined with the curry powder. This is certainly an all-in-one meal with the rice as well as other dishes getting cooked together.

The curry, a popular and regular spice of Colombo is also accompanied with meat and vegetables which they sauté with pickles and oils.

You may also try a popular dish known as “mallung”, chopped leaves mixed with red onions and grated coconut meat. Coconuts are commonly used by the Sri Lankan to make their meals unique in taste.
The Sri Lankans also like sweets and dessert meals. You can find the “Wattalapan”, a steamed pudding which is blended with coconut milk, eggs, and also a solidified extract of the kitul palm. It is really famous dessert in Colombo and is quite mouth watering and delicious. Another sweet mouth watering is the “kavun”, that is made of green gram which is a type of ground paste shaped like diamonds and they are usually fried in oils. In some events like the Tamil New Year, many sweets are being served by the locals.

Colombo also has tasteful food called “short eats” which various snacks that are available in fast food and restaurant in Colombo. Among them are fish cutlets, patties, Chinese rolls and many others.

You still can find many other Colombo foods which are really flavorful and delectable that everyone will certainly want to try. If you are visiting Colombo, you can join Colombo Food Tour to explore some of the best Sri Lankan cuisine and enjoy a sensation of a true Sri Lankan food processing. You will be satisfied with food tour program offered by local tour operator.

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