Jan 16

Bus Tour Tips – make your trip enjoyable

Taking a bus tour is one of the easiest ways to travel. They can be a safe and all inclusive. It’s particulary comfortable when its handle professionally like 21st Century Travels U.K Ltd. With their luxury guided sightseeing coach tours of London, Britain and Europe and extensive range of coach and mini bus tours available with secure online reservations this is what sets the standard for bus tour companies.

If there is a language issue they can offer escorted tours with translators. From budget backpacking to luxury bus tour lines you still need to prepare for so you can Travel Like A Pro!

The first thing to realize is that you will carry your bag more than you realize on bus tours. So, take one bag.

Backpacks are particularly useful for bus trips. If you are not sold on backpacks, use a soft side bag with a padded shoulder strap. Make sure you have your name inside and out on your bag since it can get loaded and unloaded into compartments by bus drivers.

When packing for a bus tour start with our What To Take page. Then, add the following items:

Roll of toilet paper
Some bus tours have toilets on board some do not. Either way, you’ll want your own supply of toilet paper. On board toilets can run out or be closed when full. Public toilets are never a sure thing. Make your comfort guaranteed and take your own roll.

Moist Towelettes
Individually wrapped sanitary towlettes are invaluable especially on a bus tour. Sharing toilets, eating in restaurants sometimes not of your choice and sharing close quarters with a bus load of strangers makes these items important. Take extras before you leave home and use them often.

Neck Pillow
Neck pillows come in extra handy on bus tours for naps and especially on overnight travel. You’ll feel more rested using these. The small inflatable ones are easy to fold and place into your waste pack or daypack.

If you have the room, take a small travel blanket. Used with the neck pillow you can get a decent night’s sleep on a bus. It can make a big difference. Make sure the blanket is a foldable, compact travel type.

Alarm Clock
Take a small battery powered travel alarm clock. For bus tours that leave on set schedules this item will help you make the departure. Wrist watches with alarm settings can work but put them on the nightstand when using them. A wristwatch buried beneath a pillow when the alarm goes off is useless.

Tidy Snacks
Snacks need to be extra tidy on bus tours; crumbless if possible. Climbing back onto a clean bus seat or space especially when tired can make you feel more comfortable.

Book Light
Some tour buses do not have night lights at seats. If you are someone who prefers to read late into the evening, a small, portable battery powered book light is an invaluable companion.

Extra Tips
Bus tours are very attractive ways to travel for a lot of people. That being said, try to keep your bag with you. On board place it under your seat. Never use the overhead racks in a bus for your bags. Too many bags disappear from overhead racks, especially if you nap or get distracted. When off the bus make sure the driver locks the bus until passengers return. The idea is to travel light and be mobile but more importantly if your bag is with you it is not with thieves.

If you are on a luxury tour where your bags are placed for you into a baggage compartment under the bus take the following security precautions:

• Do your research on the tour company before you leave home. Make sure they replace your bag if it is lost or stolen.
• Watch your bag get placed into the compartment.
• Wait around until the driver locks the compartment, then board the bus.
• When arriving at your destination watch the compartment being opened and unlocked.
• Grab your own bag and take it into the hotel.

This also means you can carry a daypack on board the bus. Keep it tucked under your arm and have in it any necessities you may need for the day: snacks, umbrella and jacket.

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