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Best Activities to cover in Maldives for a thrilling Holiday

Maldives has attained much recognition as an ideal holiday destination to unwind, relax, and make the most of the gorgeous tropical beauty that it has to offer. There is no denying the fact that Maldives is one of the most desirable tropical destinations in the world. But this place has much more to offer than simply a relaxing vacation. If you are staying there for a couple of days, you would like to indulge and also refer to Maldives Travel Guide for some fun activities and the best way to do so is to make the most of the water-based ones.

Enjoy Scuba Diving at Maaya Thila

 Scuba diving is the ideal way to interact with flora and fauna underwater and the Maldivian waters are already known to be one of the best places to do so. If you are looking for the best site in the Maldives to try scuba diving, then Maaya Thila is definitely the right choice. Being the most prominent dive site here, it is one of the top ten best diving sites in the world. You can literally go anytime for a dive as the conditions are favorable for scuba diving all around the year over here.

 Enjoy a Sunset Cruise

 It is often said that even though the entire planet shares the same sun, the sunset is always different in every place. Hence imagine witnessing the sun setting into the infinite beauty of the Maldivian waters. This soothing experience is possible on taking a sunset cruise during your Maldives holiday. Relish this experience while the waves are crashing against the surface of the cruise boat and you have surrendered yourself to the serene atmosphere around you.

 Try Maldives Island Hopping Tour

If you have been curious about the Maldives, you might be well aware that Maldives is basically a collection of numerous islands of different sizes. While you might have found accommodation on a beautiful island, it is essential to witness all kinds of beauty by exploring various islands over here. In order to do so, book yourself a Maldives island hopping tour. On this tour, you can travel across all kinds of islands via the medium of water and can take in most of the beauty spread out in various corners of Maldives.

 Indulge in Spa Treatment

While we have already established the fact that Maldives is an ideal holiday destination to pick if one is looking for a break from the everyday hustle of life. If one wishes to unwind physically as well as mentally, then a spa treatment is absolutely mandatory. All the exclusive resorts in the Maldives have spas within their property which mean that you do not even have to step out to let those muscles relax. All you have to do is book yourself an appointment at the in-house spa and leave the rest to the experts. The spa staff here is highly trained to give you a soothing experience at the end of a long day.

 Dolphin watching

Dolphins are considered to be extremely intelligent creatures but it will not be wrong to say that these water animals are a good combination of beauty with brains. The real experience is when you watch these dolphins in their natural habitat and witness them gliding in and out of the depths of water. They do it so seamlessly and beautifully which makes it all the more worth watching. To experience them doing so, one needs to take a boat and go in the depths of the water which is usually guided by the locals handling those boats or book a tour from your resort itself.

 Meet the locals

It is always enriching to understand new cultures and expand your knowledge of the world through that. This is why whenever you visit a new land; make sure to interact with the locals. This will enable you to attain insights into the local culture and also have a unique experience by listening to their stories. The people here are friendly as well as welcoming.

 See bioluminescence

 If the word bioluminescence has confused you, let us make it simpler for you to understand. If you have ever come across videos of a beach that glows in the dark while browsing through the internet, then you know exactly what bioluminescence means. When the waves of the sea glow in the dark, that phenomenon is known as bioluminescence. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience hence nobody should ever miss out on it. The microbes present in the water are the ones that contribute to the glowing factor. These microbes are majorly active during the months of summer due to a comparatively warmer climate thus it is advisable to visit the beach there during the same time.

 Try Maldivian Cuisines

 Maldivian cuisine is locally addressed as Dhivehi cuisine; and as one can guess, it majorly focuses on seafood due to the extreme exposure to the coastal line. This cuisine has some of the most unique ways in which one can relish fish in various forms. The food found in this land has some of the most exquisite blends of flavors that will surely crave you keep wanting more. Apart from the usual main course meal, do not forget to try out the crunchy snacks that are a part of this Dhivehi cuisine.


While the entire world looks upon Maldives as a tourist destination to relax, it also has numerous activities to choose from thus ensuring that there is never a dull moment in this tropical land. Maldives tour packages have something to offer to all kinds of travelers and nobody comes back disappointed from here.

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