May 19

A few things you should know before traveling to Ninh Binh

The province of Ninh Binh is about 60 miles from Hanoi. This place can be reached by motorbike and train from Hanoi itself, the trains are also cheap and when you choose the soft seats the trip is very comfortable. Ninh Binh offers beautiful nature and rich jungles which are surrounded by huge limestone mountains on either side. However if you are still unsure for traveling solo to Ninh Binh, you can get help from Hanoi Travel Agency.

You will find various interesting attractions in Ninh Binh and one of the most popular one is the Trang An landscape complex that has become a world heritage site awarded by UNESCO. Trang An can be explored by having a kayak trip along the river, the trip takes between Two and Three hours and actually this is well worth the time. Also, you will find beautiful scenes which are simply amazing. Trang An is certainly the most popular attraction in this area but the province also has many other points of interest and activities to offer.

Ninh Binh tour has a lot more to offer than its wonderful sights and breathtaking scenery. The region has become a home to its own special dishes and also culture. The very first thing you will notice when you first go to the countryside is the large quantity of mountain goats scattered along the landscape. It is almost more prevalent to be woken up each morning by bleating of goats than by a Rooster clucking. All these goats are considered exquisiteness in the region and nearly all of the restaurants serve a goat dish.

Apart from attractions mentioned above, Ninh Binh also has to offer Cuc Phuong National Park. There are numerous ways of reaching the park. However the best and also the most exciting is by motorbike. Riding or driving to the park gives you with stunning view. You can spend a whole day in this tour because it has a lot of things to do such as hiking trails, enjoying harvesting in botanical gardens and also a primate rescue center you can travel to.

So in conclusion when you love wonderful views, delicious food, and also wonderful experiences then Ninh Binh must be on the top of the places you would like to visit.

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