Aug 06

Six Interesting Facts About Visiting Iran

A trip to Iran; although this fabulous trip may seem difficult at first, but the noteworthy point is that you live once, and exploring the beauty, getting involved with the life-giving nature, meeting new people with new thoughts, and new zest for life is one of your basic rights. So, embrace this unknown land of wonder and attractiveness, and do not miss the chance of facing these darling people, who may turn into one of your lasting friends. Your first problem to start this wonderful trip is to get a visa, but once you apply for Iran visa and get it, the rest would be very easy. In this article you’ll learn six interesting facts about Iran.

Book Best Iran Hotels

#1 Iranians are Friendly

One of the most noted characteristic of people who live in Iran is their friendly manners. No matter if you are a rich American tourist or a European bag packer, Continue reading

Aug 06

A guide to booking cheap hotels in Iran

Iran is becoming a very popular destination for western tourists, especially young backpackers and adventure tourists. Besides its many historical and natural attractions, it is introduced as a budget-friendly destination. Accommodation sucks up a substantial amount of a traveler’s budget. Focusing on price, comfort, and cleanliness, this articles gives you a good start for choosing the right hotel. We’ll introduce a revolutionary website which lets you book Iran hotels instantly.

In Iran, you’ll easily find many cheap hotels, called Mosaferkhane in Persian, that offer dorms for a few dollars per night (10-20$). Continue reading

Aug 01

Tips for booking holiday rentals in Sweden

Most travelers book a hotel before taking holiday to Sweden. It is the most typical type of accommodation used among holidaying travelers. Even though you have enjoyed staying in the most luxurious hotels in Sweden, you will realize that villas offer a unique sensation. Most of the holiday rentals in Sweden are booked a year in advance. In contrast to booking a hotel, villas need that you book your vacation accommodations in advance.

Not every holiday rentals might be well matched to every vacation. For instance, when you are vacationing to Sweden with young kids, you might prefer a space layout that makes them always near you . However, if you want to host parties or have fun with large groups, you may need a sizable patio, swimming pool, kitchen and dining room. Have a clear awareness of your needs for the holiday rentals before booking one. Continue reading

Jul 26

Wedding Photography in Gold Coast

Your natural environment will determine the ambiance for your wedding day, and undoubtedly have an effect on some other elements including decorations, photography, and the forms of inclusions you may choose to include in your wedding ceremony. The Gold Coast’s beaches offer an excellent, beautiful background for your wedding photography ; also its gardens are a stunning atmosphere to match the commitment you are making.

The Gold Coast is a wonderful place because there are many backdrops to pick from to set the location for your wedding ceremony, Continue reading

Jul 17

Happy Cinco de Mayo

When you think of Mexico you probably think of Cancun, Rocky Point, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, or Tijanua. Most people have not even heard of the city of Guanajuato, but in celebration of Cinco de Mayo we wanted to share with you our love for this fascinating little city in central Mexico. The culture, the food, the colorful buildings, and the history behind this city are all bursting with flavor and fun!

Our hotel was just on the outskirts of town so each day we took a cab in for just under $3, super cheap. We went through these tunnels that run under the city and while today they are used to help divert traffic from the city roads, in the past they were used to help prevent flooding. The city is fairly small so we would suggest only spending a few days here soaking in some gorgeous views of charming multi-colored buildings. Continue reading