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Ireland Vacations and Tours

Ireland is well known for rich and lush green pastures, timeless hillsides and beaches, and incredible architecture dating back hundreds of years. There are of course many ways to experience all of these wonders – from photographs to being up front and personal with the places, which is our very favorite. A true Ireland and Scotland tour is not complete without visiting the rich scenery on foot, which is why we recommend taking a walking holiday around the favorite sites. Why walking through Ireland, Scotland or Wales is better than Driving

When you drive through an area on a guided tour in a chauffeured car you will cover a lot of ground and might catch some nice “selfies” of yourself in front of monuments or beautiful scenes. However, when you’re walking, you get a deep sense of connection with the land under your feet as well as getting to take in the smells, sights, sounds of the land bringing you into a rich experience you will never forget.

We will be posting many different routes you could take on your Ireland, Scotland or Wales vacation. Taking this kind of tour may even leave you with an Irish accent (just kidding) and you will surely be back to visit again. Here’s a video highlighting one of the most famous routes taken by travelers from all over the world, it’s called the Wild Atlantic Way, shaped by the relentless Atlantic ocean against the defiant shoreline of steep cliffs and marvelous rocks. This tour will rapture you away in a time capsule bringing you light years from your worries and fast-paced life back home (wherever home may be).

Get started on planning a walking vacation in Ireland, Scotland or Wales. When you do your research, there are a number of great tour guides and agencies which can make your vacation a truly world class experience.
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