Oct 04

Exploring Druze Village, Israel

The Druze is a unique combination of old and new. They have tradition, they have festivals, they have delicious food, they have become a mainstream Israeli society, and it is exciting to see and interesting to be part of. Galileat is a small business in the north. The tour operator in Israel will guide you to explore the local culinary arts both from overseas and Israel. Most of the delicious local food is still processed and prepared without leaving their ancient tradition.

The Druze are friendly people and they always want to show you their culture and tradition, they are proud to show you their food as well as their daily lifestyle. This village was built 2000 years ago. Their mothers lived here, their grandparents was born here and also their relatives. When you enter the one of the house in this village will instantly feel how people lived here. This village is very old. It was outlined in the Bible and there is a story and belief that Jesus was anointed with the oil from this village. You will find some Druze products which are based on high quality Galil oil, olive oil and all natural. Certainly, there is no petrochemical or chemical ingredient. Most of the products made in Druze are based mostly on the recipe of their ancestors, 500 years of local knowledge. When you come to see a Druze village and walking around the village you will get a sensation of Israel 50 years ago. You will feel the real Israel.

When you get the chance, the Druze villages are an interesting place to visit .Tourists who wants to learn about the Druze culture and tradition can contact Israel tour operator. You can also enjoy listening to stories, traditional foods, and enjoy special performances of traditional dance and music presented by the local people in the village.

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