Jun 03

Filipino Food Culture & Traditions You Must Know Before You Visit

The good geographic condition of the Philippines not just makes food easy to get for farmers, fishermen, and hunters,  but also make it easy to prepare with just simple methods of cooking. The cuisine also has been greatly influenced by a long time of trade with France, Spain, China, United States, and Southeast Asia. Continue reading

May 23

Tips to Consider for the Solo Woman Traveler

If you are a workaholic woman and you prefer to complete your task on specific time. However, now if you are planning something which can freshen up your mind, take a trip. As a single woman, you must make sure you care for yourself and you stick to the rules which are helpful to travel in the new country. As you are a solo traveler, you might feel frightened to visit to the new place or you might think about the food. Continue reading

May 23

Where to stay in Croatia on a budget

Is there such a thing as a low-cost sleep in Croatia? It’s absolutely something that’s hard to discover in summer, when the coast fills with website visitors as well as prices rise proportionately. There’s probably nothing else country in Europe where the cost of vacation lodging experiences such seasonal distortions. Nevertheless there are still lots of locations that use a reasonable deal, specifically when it entails family-run pension plans, backpacker hostels, as well as a brand-new type of B&B s. Continue reading

May 23

Milan Tourist Attractions

Milan is considered one of the popular cities in the world. The city offer many attractions with the best things to do for the historical sites, shopping. Football, opera and packed with very enjoyable nightlife. Milan is also regarded as the marketplace for the worldwide fashion where you can find numerous wonderful lifestyle products. The best attractions to do in Milan include the following: Continue reading

May 16

Tour or Vacation in Israel

Many people from many countries visit Israel to enjoy the great history and beauty of this country. This is more popular for those having faith in Christianity. They join tours offered by Israel tour operator to explore certain interesting attractions and explore cities Jerusalem, Nazareth, Jericho, and Bethlehem. Believers will never miss the holy tourist attraction in Israel this includes The temple mount of Jerusalem, The Western Wall, The church of Nativity Bethlehem , The Shepherd’s field , Church of holy Sepulchre and the Garden Tomb . Continue reading