Jul 26

Wedding Photography in Gold Coast

Your natural environment will determine the ambiance for your wedding day, and undoubtedly have an effect on some other elements including decorations, photography, and the forms of inclusions you may choose to include in your wedding ceremony. The Gold Coast’s beaches offer an excellent, beautiful background for your wedding photography ; also its gardens are a stunning atmosphere to match the commitment you are making.

The Gold Coast is a wonderful place because there are many backdrops to pick from to set the location for your wedding ceremony, Continue reading

Jul 17

Happy Cinco de Mayo

When you think of Mexico you probably think of Cancun, Rocky Point, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, or Tijanua. Most people have not even heard of the city of Guanajuato, but in celebration of Cinco de Mayo we wanted to share with you our love for this fascinating little city in central Mexico. The culture, the food, the colorful buildings, and the history behind this city are all bursting with flavor and fun!

Our hotel was just on the outskirts of town so each day we took a cab in for just under $3, super cheap. We went through these tunnels that run under the city and while today they are used to help divert traffic from the city roads, in the past they were used to help prevent flooding. The city is fairly small so we would suggest only spending a few days here soaking in some gorgeous views of charming multi-colored buildings. Continue reading

Jul 17

Climb On! Matanuska Glacier Tour

Have you ever found yourself scaling a vertical glacier ice wall? If you answered no, you have to add this activity to your bucket list!

We received recommendations to set up a tour with Greatland Adventures, a tour company which operates private and custom tours in and around Anchorage, Alaska. You may have also seen some ridiculously beautiful shots on NatGeo and from some of the most talented photographers who also took a few of the excursions in the beautiful back country of Alaska.

We woke up early to hit the road and drive about 2 hours from Anchorage to the Matanuska glacier park. Our eyes were glued to the windows as we took one of the most beautiful scenic drives I’ve ever seen. Continue reading

Jul 08

A Guide to Traveling in a Campervan

Summer season is a favorite time for most people all over the world. It is the precious time that you can enjoy the welcoming warm of the sunlight. Swimwear is used and entire family begins to enjoy excursions on lovely warm days. Camping, fishing and away from town trips tend to be the integral part of the travel plan. If you haven’t already considered or prepared your next vacation, it’s best to rent a campervan and enjoy a road trip with family or friends. Continue reading

Jun 19

Why Buy Property in Marbella?

Marbella is located in the heart of the Costa del Sol region, and this place offers a unique subtropical temperature as the weather in Marbella is exotically hot yet breezy in summer season and luxuriously warm during winter and has become the perfect place to rent apartments during holiday or even to own property there .

Many self-catering vacation rental in the Marbella area are available to match everyone’s budget. Marbella has done the work to keep up its exclusive image: As you can see many investors create the luxurious and exotic landscape in Marbella. This is combined with the many developments of attractive, brightly colored and luxury villa that has Marbella on the holiday map. This place surely has everything in the type of fashion, culture, and life style in which the famous and the rich stay or visit their luxury vacation homes. Continue reading