Jul 03

Why You Need To Take A Cooking Class in Sri Lanka

If you would like to learn to cook traditional Sri Lanka food and are ready to take a family vacation at the same time, you will find a lot of great cooking classes in Sri Lanka which are created for the culinary travelers. Give it some thought, what a sensation it might be learning Sri Lanka cuisine in Colombo. And don’t forget about the cooking styles you are interested, as the regions of Sri Lanka offer different cuisines. Continue reading

Jun 29

How solo travelers can find their ideal travel partners

Solo travelers are now able to get travel partners to go along with them during their trips, due to online platform introduced by many websites. With a friendly travel partner, your trips become more enjoyable and also memorable. Travelers use many different means of transport such as planes, trains, bus, ships, and boats. No matter what the means of transportation, travelers can go together with their ideal travel partners. Continue reading

Jun 25


From hot desert heat to sub-Antarctic cools, with volcanoes, lakes, and also hot springs along the road, the environment makes its presence strongly felt in Chile. Right here’s what you need to learn about the nation’s wild, distinct landscapes as well as just tourism attractions in Chile from international travel expert Insightguides.com.

Chile needs to be a top candidate for the globe’s strangest geographical layout. Despite the nation’s reasonably tiny landmass (756,000 sq km/292,000 sq miles), its 4,300 kilometres (2,700-mile) coast makes it seem huge. Though the nation is never greater than 355km (221 miles) wide, a journey from Arica in the north to the port of Punta Arenas in the much south covers the exact same range as New york city to Los Angeles or Paris to Tehran. Continue reading

Jun 24


City of Habbo

This place is one of the most beautiful temples located in the city of Luxor and overlooking the bank of the western river is a beautiful sight for everyone who sees. The city has a small temple, which dates back to the 18th century and is associated with a royal palace.

Habiba Gallery

The Habiba Gallery is one of the most famous shopping and entertainment attractions in Luxor. Gallery Habiba has a variety of products that can be bought as souvenirs at very low prices. Continue reading

Jun 09

Colombo Food Tour – Discover The Sri Lankan Food, Cuisine and Meals

The famous Colombo cuisine goes back with the foreign traders and the colonists that arrived in the city hundreds of years ago. Their food mostly includes rice which can be their meals and staple food which are full of spices along with other ingredients. Curry and rice are among the most popular dish for daily meal. Continue reading