Apr 06

Santa Claus Village in Finnish Lapland

The Santa Claus Village is located on the Arctic Circle in Northern Finland, in the vicinity of the city of Rovaniemi, just 2 km from the international airport of Rovaniemi. Visiting Santa’s Village can be an unforgettable experience for the whole family. See the Santa Claus Post Office, Santa Claus’s Office, Christmas Exhibition, and other attractions. Even more notably, you’ll get a chance to chat with Santa himself! Or how would you like to go to a snowmobile safari in the Arctic Circle Snowmobile Park?

Santa Claus Village is located near the city of Rovaniemi. There are restaurants and shops that sell Santa Claus and Lapland related items, and all of this takes place in the captivating Arctic environment. See also the Santa Claus Park that is connected to the village. It has been ranked by Topworld International as the 2nd best travel adventure in Finland.

Apr 06

Places to see in Lisbon

When you are on a trip to Lisbon, do not miss to see the Monsanto Fort. You can get a wonderful view of the city from this fort. Tourists throng to Mosteiro dos Jeronimos to have a look at the beautiful Manueline architecture of Portugal.

Lisbon has some of the finest of museums in the world. There are four wonderful museums, namely, the City Museum, the National Museum of Ancient Art, the Navy Museum and Chiado Museum. Many ancient castles, market places, and old architecture can be found in the city of Lisbon that reflect the tradition and culture of the city. Tourists do not fail to participate in the Carnival of Lisbon that takes place just before Easter. Lisbon is also a place for fairs and feasts.

Apr 06

Big Ben – World’s Third-Largest Clock Tower in London

Big Ben is located at the north end of the Westminster Palace in London. Actually, the nickname Big Ben refers to the large bell of the clock tower, but probably a large majority of people would associate the name with the whole tower. The Big Ben clock tower is huge – its height of nearly 100 meters makes it the third highest clock tower in the world. The clock faces of the tower are more than 7 meters each in their diameter, and the interior volume of the tower is over 4600 cubic meters. There are 393 steps that one has to climb if one wants to go to the top of the tower by the stairs. The construction of the tower was finished in 1856, after 13 years of work.

Though the name “Big Ben” is quite commonly associated with the tower, it is actually the nickname of the large bell in the tower.

The reason for naming the bell “Big Ben” is not completely clear, but the most likely theory is that the bell was named after Sir Benjamin Hall who was the First Commissioner for Works. His name is found inscribed on the bell. An alternative explanation is that the name is based on the heavyweight boxer Ben Caunt.

Mar 10

Reasons to saunter the Annapurna Poon Hill Trek

The Trekking in Nepal comes in numerous packages andAnnapurna Poon Hill Trek is a 6 days trek where alongside with the splendid view of the mountain ranges from Poon Hill you get to visit the naturally rich share of the region. This trek hasconsidered as the best alternative as it is the perfect blend of reasonable time period and note worthy hallmarks. Referred as photographer’s paradise, Poon Hill Trek provides a panoramic view of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Massif which makes it a flawless spot to capturepictures. The vibrantHimalayas’ beauty with their admirable ice caps is a treat to watch. Starting from the beautiful city of Pokhara renowned for its rivers and adventurous activities, this trek gives youthe panoramic view of the various mountain ranges like Manaslu, Continue reading

Jan 05

Ireland Vacations and Tours

Ireland is well known for rich and lush green pastures, timeless hillsides and beaches, and incredible architecture dating back hundreds of years. There are of course many ways to experience all of these wonders – from photographs to being up front and personal with the places, which is our very favorite. A true Ireland and Scotland tour is not complete without visiting the rich scenery on foot, which is why we recommend taking a walking holiday around the favorite sites. Why walking through Ireland, Scotland or Wales is better than Driving

When you drive through an area on a guided tour in a chauffeured car you will cover a lot of ground and might catch some nice “selfies” of yourself in front of monuments or beautiful scenes. However, when you’re walking, you get a deep sense of connection with the land under your feet as well as getting to take in the smells, sights, sounds of the land bringing you into a rich experience you will never forget. Continue reading