June 2019 archive

Jun 09

Colombo Food Tour – Discover The Sri Lankan Food, Cuisine and Meals

The famous Colombo cuisine goes back with the foreign traders and the colonists that arrived in the city hundreds of years ago. Their food mostly includes rice which can be their meals and staple food which are full of spices along with other ingredients. Curry and rice are among the most popular dish for daily …

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Jun 04

Using Power plugs and sockets When travelling to Different Countries

Many of us need power plug sockets to supply electricity current to our electronic appliances and to charge our cell phones as well as other mobile devices. These are typically connectors which are helpful to supply electricity from a power source to a piece of electronic equipment.

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Jun 03

Filipino Food Culture & Traditions You Must Know Before You Visit

The good geographic condition of the Philippines not just makes food easy to get for farmers, fishermen, and hunters,  but also make it easy to prepare with just simple methods of cooking. The cuisine also has been greatly influenced by a long time of trade with France, Spain, China, United States, and Southeast Asia.

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